KRRC: On The Road (March 2019)

We had a wonderful time this past weekend at Bethel Baptist Church in Pekin, IL with Pastor Rowell. They were an encouragement not only by their love and support but also for their prayers. The church as a whole gathered around us and prayed for God's blessing, wisdom, and protection as we travel and for the upcoming camp season.

What a blessing to have people faithfully lifting us in prayer. It was also great to catch up with some very excited campers and future campers! Thank you Bethel Baptist Church!

Earlier this month we had a chance to present Kyte River Revival Campgrounds all the way down in Austin, TX at Capitol City Baptist Church with Pastor Adam Thompson. While there, we met a Youth Pastor visiting from Michigan who had never heard of our camp. They signed up to attend Teen Camp this year!

The final days are approaching for our 2019 camp season...only 63 days left until Primary & Junior Camp!