New Construction: Dining Hall!

Progress on the dining hall facility has picked up and inside construction is underway! We're in the beginning stages of the framing, drywall, A/C, and electrical phases of the project. Many volunteers have sacrificed time and effort to help with this facility!

All under one roof, this building serves as a dining hall, commercial kitchen, bathrooms, welcome center, office space, and 2,500 square foot porch to make this structure the central location of the camp. The sheer size of this building is impressive but is perfected by the location. Placed strategically overlooking our 16-acre lake, it serves as an outlook for lake activities and beautiful sunrises. Imagine spending time in your morning devotions on the front porch looking across the water!

Although we've made much progress, there is still work to do. If you are willing to volunteer of your time to assist with this landmark project, please contact Bro. Todd at 847-873-2133. If you're able to help with the project financially, donate at

We want to give a special thank you to Pastor Dan Woodward and his endless time spent on making this project a reality, and our pastor, Pastor Keith Gomez for the vision to have Kyte River Revival Campgrounds!