Boys' Cabins Progress

A crew of men from our home church came out and started converting the existing pavilions into the boys' dormitories. The first step is to frame out the structure and then wrap it in plywood. This is the first of many building projects that will take place in 2019! The girls' dormitories are already prepared as well as separate shower houses for boys and girls. Each of these pavilions equals the size of 2 boys' cabins at the old Cedar River Baptist Camp location. There are currently 2 pavilions in the boys' cabin area with plenty of room for more to be built in the future.

The location of the boys' dormitories is shown in the last picture in the gallery below. The entrance of the campgrounds is close to the top left corner of the photo, to the left of the lake. One of the dorms is seen in the bottom right corner of the photo. The boys' shower house and the second dorm are out of the picture "below" the first dorm. This area is secluded in a forest that is as beautiful as a state park and contains several 100-year old oak trees along with plenty of space for activities.

Camp Updates