Dining Hall: Just in Time!

Just in time! The final details of the dining hall project are being wrapped up with just about one month until camp season begins! Our primary and junior campers will be the first to enjoy this beautiful dining hall and the benefits of the first-class kitchen facility.

In the last few weeks, the offices have been filled with the necessary equipment and furniture. The bathrooms have been completed as well. You'll see in the pictures below the volume of commercial kitchen equipment that has been installed. Through God's grace, this first-class kitchen was purchased at a small fraction of the value! Every detail was purposely planned for efficiency and practicality. This week we've seen the completion of several "finishing touch" projects. All of the sidewalks have been poured and we held the dining hall's inaugural flag-raising ceremony. Early next week the dining room floors will be sealed so we can start placing all of the tables and chairs for campers to fill up on June 8.

An additional project has been in the works and is on track for completion by the start of the camp season. The ladies will be happy to hear that there will no longer be a need to transit to and from the showerhouse as showers and bathrooms are being installed in the ladies' dormitories!

We praise the Lord for all that He's accomplished through Kyte River's first twelve months in operation and are excited for the progress and decisions that will be made in the next few months!