We have a new logo!

Introducing the official logo of the new Kyte River Revival Campgrounds of Rochelle, IL!

At our previous campground, we had ownership of the Cedar River shoreline but were never able to take full advantage of that due to the terrain. At the new campgrounds, we have over 2 miles of riverfront access and in addition, a 17-acre lake as the centerpiece of the property! Acres and acres of woods, fields, and the bodies of water make this property comparable to a state park.

All of these things provide tremendous opportunities, but the real center and focus of our new camp is in the center of our name: Revival. Kyte River Revival Campgrounds will continue in the path of Cedar River Baptist Camp in the matter of revival. The memories of CRBC always go back to the hot preaching and making life-changing decisions outside the tabernacle. The vision and dream of KRRC is to continue with hot preaching and changed lives...that is what summer camp is all about!